Friday, 23 February, 2018


Money has been earmarked for the Plan Andaluz de la Bicicleta, to encourage more people to travel on two wheels by 2020

Spain is one of seven countries facing legal action by the European Commission

The more environmentally friendly cars are enjoying a big popularity boost in the region

Solar Impulse flew from New York to Andalucia's capital after two days and 23 hours flying over the Atlantic

Gonzalo and Alfredo Chomon’s Evovelo ‘Mo’ has been described as the first fully-enclosed, solar-powered urban transport

If green activists get their way, all motoring companies will be investigated by the European Committee for cheating on emissions

MD Hans Hugo From has vouched for the increasing demand for eco-friendly cars

An engineer with German car giants Bosch says Spain needs to invest at least €3 billion in its infrastructure before introducing driverless cars

In an epidemic that started on December 22, the environmentally friendly hire car company Car2go has seen its fleet damaged

Last November, the Spanish capital brought in parking restrictions for non-residents to battle air pollution

In total more than €75 million was invested by Spain’s government and the EU into the CityCar

Some Spanish drivers spend more than one day a year sitting in traffic jams

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