Friday, 23 February, 2018

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According to AEMET the worst will be over by late Thursday evening

Stay safe on the roads as heavy down pours predicted.

Cold drop to cause change in temperatures.

If the dry weather continues and levels drop to 109 cubic hectometres, residents could see a repeat of the emergency drought measures and hosepipe bans last brought into force in 2005

A long-term weather projection by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change predicts a 3.9% average temperature increase over the next century

With Spain gasping from the worst spring and summer drought in 157 years, some much needed rain is finally upon us

In the last 12 months, Alicante has only seen 104.4 litres of rainfall per-square-metre – only 30% of the normal rates

By Jamie MacDonald TODAY the weather is hot, and dry, and on the next door finca a huge tractor is disc-harrowing the land. An environmental disaster is being repeated. Since the Moors were thrown out, many Spanish...

SPAIN is at risk of ‘chronic drought’ due to the march of desertification. Rain shortage has meant crucial underground aquifers have not been filled for years, which has caused soil to erode – leaving it...

RAINWATER harvesting at home is something we should all be considering, given the precipitation Andalucia has seen over the past couple of years. Andalucia’s best eco aware architects are now building deposit-cisterns to collect water...
Basket of strawberries

ANDALUCIA’S wettest winter coupled with EU regulations have been blamed for this year’s poor strawberry harvest. Some 220,500 tonnes were collected in Huelva compared to 2009’s haul of 224,000 tonnes. Experts estimate that 10m kilos of...

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