Tuesday, 20 March, 2018

Tag: pollution

The European Commision have sent a 'final warning' to Spain for failing to comply with EU air pollution levels.

RUBBISH thrown in Andalucia’s rivers is slaughtering sea animals.

Sevilla and Granada, two of the most popular tourist destinations, are among those who must demonstrate their commitment to cutting levels in the short term

Puerto Real is the most polluted place in the country, while La Linea comes third

THOUSANDS of Costa del Sol residents are ‘at risk’ of pollution from a giant planned composting site. Up to 10,000 people will be affected by the waste plant, in Estepona, if it is approved by...

CO2 emissions rose by 4% last year in Spain with a 23% increase in the use of electricity

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels from cars hit 229 microgrammes in Alcala de Henares suburb

ESTEPONA Town Hall is facing yet another probe into a dangerous river. The European Union is investigating claims that high levels of methane have been detected in a river which could be a fire...

Caked in oil inside and out the creature was incredibly lucky to survive. Now, like a prayer being answered, she will live to ‘die another day’

Green group Ecologistas en Accion estimates air pollution causes 2,000 deaths a year in Madrid

Antonio Miguel Carmona has promised that, if elected in May, he will ‘eliminate’ diesel vehicles in the country’s capital by 2020

Researchers at Barcelona’s Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology tested four-year-olds whose mothers had been exposed to air pollutants during pregnancy

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