Friday, 23 February, 2018

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New statistics reveal reservoir stocks have decreased from 48% to 36% since this time last year.

Money has been earmarked for the Plan Andaluz de la Bicicleta, to encourage more people to travel on two wheels by 2020

Francisco Mingorance won the ‘places’ category in National Geographic’s yearly honours for his photo of a marsh in Cordoba

Famous Spanish monuments such as Leon’s cathedral and Cordoba’s mezquita are set to switch off the lights

DESPERATE measures have been agreed to halt the number of Iberian lynxes killed on Andalucia's roads. Environmentalists warned that the population quadrupling in the last three years has been outweighed by the number killed in...

Reaching speeds up to 300kph, the AVE is now the second largest high-speed rail system in the world, beaten only by China’s enormous 11,000km network

The future high speed train to Granada will be served by just a single track for the final 81km before the city

Rock legend Brian May has slammed Princes William and Harry for a hunting trip in Cordoba

Days before launching a campaign to highlight poaching and the illegal wildlife trade Prince William has jetted into Spain for a hunting trip

A HANDFUL of tiny fish on the verge of extinction have been removed from Andalucian waters in an attempt to boost their numbers. The 300 fartets and 40 freshwater blennies were taken from pools in...

ELECTRIC car drivers can now charge their ‘tanks’ using kinetic energy collected from train wheels. In the first of its kind in Spain, the Ferrolina will allow users to stock up on electricity at Malaga’s...

By Simon Littlejohn TO say the odds were stacked against me is somewhat of an understatement. However, being the eternal optimist and having perfected the art of patience during three years camping in Patagonia where...

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