Thursday, 19 October, 2017


This is the first time the rats have been clearly caught on camera

Strong winds are not helping in the spread.

At one month old, the pint-sized primate is said to be in good health

Protestors unite to campaign against bans on popular local customs

Stay safe on the roads as heavy down pours predicted.

Cold drop to cause change in temperatures.

The stranded creature was separated from its mother and spotted by a group of camera wielding tourists who snapped photos of it

The elderly, sick and in particular the poor will be biggest hit

'Urgent need' to tackle issue, says Debora Morrison

Campaigners welcome 'end of cruel spectacle' as Madrid vows to fight legislation

The animals were attended to by the Green Patrol of the Local Police of Ronda

Lumps of ice the size of golf balls hammered down during the freak July downfall