Wednesday, 21 February, 2018


An earlier case of BSE was found in the same region in March, according to the OIE.

According to police sources, water tanks have detected ‘a high concentration of detergents'

The Occupational English Test is said to be easier as it tests nurses’ knowledge of medical terms in contrast to understanding complex scientific processes and articles.

Almost a third of the entire budget will go towards health, with €9 billion alone going towards the maintaining of the Andalucian Health Service, the biggest allocation in its history.

Teen who received a miracle cure in Marbella shared snaps of her recovery one month after starting the treatment.

His family are now raising money to support him

The first reference centres to help children suffering from butterfly skin will be announced during a special event at La Paz Hospital, Madrid.

Balearic government promises 'total transparency' as health authorities carry out tests

Chris is being given regular dialysis and is dependent on a machine to help him breathe.

Amazing results for teenager with a life long skin condition.

Spain has the UK beaten when it comes to quality of health care, says Lesley

Nine British schoolchildren have been taken to hospital after a suspected carbon monoxide leak at a hotel in northern Spain.

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