Sunday, 20 August, 2017


Authorities must ensure plastic mess on Palma’s shores is cleaned up now

Lumps of ice the size of golf balls hammered down during the freak July downfall

Cordoba is bearing the brunt.

Some 26 beach boats and four specialised vessels for spills and emergencies

The bacteria emerged in southern Italy in 2013

It comes after this year’s June was the hottest for 50 years.

A COAL company’s negligence has been blamed for the devastating Huelva fires that began last Saturday. Head of the Infoca in Huelva, Jose Antonio Martínez,...

The adult female died on Sunday during the evacuation process of the El Acebuche captive breeding centre

Fish Forward campaign. to raise awareness of over-exploited species

MORE than 1,500 people have been evacuated after a fire engulfed Huelva. The forest fire, which began last night, has been placed on level one...

Iberian Lynx as handlers forced to release big cats into wild.

While littering almost doubled, the amount of bonfires decreased 'significantly'