Wednesday, 13 December, 2017


44 earthquakes of up to 2.1 magnitude rocked the sun-soaked island over 48 hrs

Hundreds of fires, which were made deliberately in Spain, were fanned by strong winds from Hurricane Ophelia.

According to AEMET the worst will be over by late Thursday evening

2017 is the third worst year for wildfires this decade destroying thousands of hectares of arable land.

The European Commision have sent a 'final warning' to Spain for failing to comply with EU air pollution levels.

Some 5.9 hectares of forest area was affected after the flames broke out late on Saturday night.

This is the first time the rats have been clearly caught on camera

It comes after a scorching summer which saw temperature records broken in Madrid and Andalucia

Sky patrols catch two boats swimming in protected waters

Can Pere Antoni, Ciutat Jardí, and Playa de Palma hit following last week's downpours

The government report tallied the average prices of 10.000 filing stations

Strong winds are not helping in the spread.

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