Friday, 23 February, 2018


The European Commision have sent a 'final warning' to Spain for failing to comply with EU air pollution levels.

Authorities trying to ascertain if site should be named a protected ‘Place Of Cultural Interest’

Officials want to reduce the region’s energy consumption by 25%

Forward-thinking businesses in Malaga, Sevilla and Granada are among those developing the renewable energy sector in countries including Mexico, Panama and Chile

The Junta is financing environmentally-sound and long-lasting projects that will come to fruition before 2020

Some 40 lifeguards will watch the waves

Three people have been seriously injured in the blasts.

A green conference in Malaga in June will promote eco-friendly practises in the region

They have pledged to improve water purification facilities at La Vinuela reservoir and waste water from the coastal municipalities.

The European statistics agency Eurostat has revealed that dependency on imports has risen by 17 percentage points in 25 years.

The European Commission has said that Spain could face legal action and hefty fines if it does not reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels within the next two months.

A CONTROVERSIAL uranium mine has been denounced to the EU.

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