Mission drinkable

LAST UPDATED: 8 April, 2017 @ 2:28 pm

EX-marine engineer Jimmy Wendt spent his life on the ocean waves looking after all range of boats and craft.

Now the 56-year-old is using many decades of knowledge with his new intelligent wa- ter filtration company based in southern Spain. Following success in Alicante and Mallorca, Wendt and wife Marie, have set up shop here with Eco Filters Costa del Sol. “I wanted a change in my life and was attracted to the idea of creating an ecofriendly company,” explains Wendt. “I wasn’t expecting to have such good results here, it has definitely exceeded expectations.”

The company provides several filtration products aimed at removing all range of chemicals and other nasty substances from your water. A full water treatment system will improve the quality of your water by making it softer and removing harmful additives such as chlorine and calcium, which can lead to kidney stones.

This is not only better for your health, but it reduces the damage to your metal appliances such as washing machines, meaning they will last longer and save you cash. They also save money as, unlike other filters, Ecofilters don’t need electricity to work and don’t waste water. “We are totally green,” says Wendt, “And what’s great is you will no longer have to keep buying plastic bottles as your tap water will be more than safe.”

On average your drinking water costs will be about a third of buying bottled water from supermarkets, and you will only need to change the cartridge once every 12 months while one filter cartridge gives you 10,000 litres. If you don’t want the full treatment system, you can opt for cheaper shower filters or tap filters. Wendt is hoping to reach more British buyers, particularly those living inland. “I have just moved to Coin myself and I know there are issues here with the water,” he explains, “I hope to reach more British people and help make their water drinkable.”

One happy client is Gabriella Chidgey, who has a farm near Ronda, entirely using the company’s products. She said: “Not only is the water fabulous to drink you can really feel the difference when you take a bath or shower. It is also great to feel we are doing our bit for the environment.”

Ecofilters are sole representatives for Geyser filters, St.Petersburg which started and launched the patent for this filter technology back in 1986 in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear accident where the filters were used for filtering contaminated water in the area. The technology is based on a globular structure, called SGS polymers, which is a radically new material combining three types of filtration: mechanical, absorption and ionexchange. It involves quasi-softening that changes the structure of salts passing through the filter material and as a result no scale is formed in the purified water.

Come and visit the company shop at Centro Idea, in Mijas, between 10.30 and 14.00 and see first hand how our devices work. Or call 605 432 004. Visit www.ecofilters.net