Double tsunami threat for Costa del Sol as experts warn of future earthquake off north-east of Morocco

LAST UPDATED: 8 April, 2017 @ 1:54 pm

A TSUNAMI could hit the Costa del Sol if an earthquake occurs off the north-east coast of Morocco, experts have claimed. 

It comes after a documentary has claimed it is only a matter of time before a mammoth wave will strike the Gulf of Cadiz, which sits on a major plate boundary.

The new threat, revealed in a report by Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, places Marbella, Granada and Malaga under ‘serious threat’.

The monster wave would be caused by a quake striking the Alboran sea, north-east of Morocco, which is currently being squeezed between the Iberian and African tectonic plates.

The building pressure would lead to a fault, triggering an earthquake and setting off a massive wave that would head straight to the coast.

The report says the region would face a 2/5 danger level, meaning there is a ‘severe land threat with maximum wave elevations.’

“In this area, especially on the coast of Granada, maximum wave elevations can locally exceed 1m,” the report states.

It details that the areas of Malaga and Granada would face a ‘land threat’ with around one metre waves.