Costa Del Dump

LAST UPDATED: 4 April, 2014 @ 9:46 pm

Nerja beach, Costa del Sol
POLLUTED: Nerja's water under spotlight

NERJA is being blamed for the poor water conditions along the Costa del Sol. A new group, the Integral Sanitation Forum, was formed to put pressure on towns that dump sewage both in the sea and inland into rivers.

In particular, the group is extremely concerned with the black-spot of Nerja, which is the only municipality along the coast that still dumps sewage into the sea.

The town has failed to install a sewage plant, after numerous unfulfilled promises and failed deadlines. The town of 21,000 people still continues to pump raw sewage into the sea, infuriating both residents and the Nerja town hall.

Further disruption was caused by a property dispute that ended with the Nerja town hall paying 900,000 euros for the previously un-derpriced land.

The Junta admits it will be 2015 at the earliest before the plant is licensed, constructed, and fully operational.

Speaking in Torremolinos, director of the new forum Salvador Vilches believes it is crucial for officials to understand the urgency of the situation.

“If the coastline’s sanitation gets any worse tourists will abandon the Costa del Sol and flock to cheaper destinations like Turkey, Egypt, and Tunisia,” said Vilches. To sustain the Costa as a tourist destination, Vilches insists that sanitation must become a top priority. “The quality can’t just be hotels, services and facilities,” he added. “The sea water must be of a high quality too.”


  1. Your web article on Nerja, Green Guide Spain, is alarmist to say the least. You offer no corroboration of the accusations you make, and in one fell swoop you are attempting to condemn the whole of the Costa del Sol as a quite dreadful place to have a beach holiday. I for one will be travelling to Nerja this summer, and am confident that if things are as bad as your article describes, we would have heard about this more extensively than in some article on the internet! We need more evidence on what youhave to say on this issue!


  2. I have just returned from Fuengerola 19th Oct 2012.Some days the smell of sewage was extensive. My husband hired a canoe for 4 hours and whilst paddling the length of the resort encountered several large areas of RAW Sewage. Toilet paper and brown goo!! where also apparent on the beach near the harbour. I also spotted 2 large areas, from the 15th floor balcony on a day when the smell was bad. I can only say I was glad the sea was too cold for me to swim in as I hadnt realised how filthy it was.It is no wonder people are ill on holiday. Our hotel was excellent but the filthy water does not make one want to return to this resort. Come on Spain get you beaches in order.