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Spain’s Repsol Slammed In South America Climate Report

A new report describes the destruction caused by three European corporations, including Repsol, Swiss-based Glencore Xstrata and Italian Enel-Endesa.

HIV And AIDS On The Increase In Malaga

According to the Anti-AIDS Association in Malaga, 509 new cases of HIV have been recorded in Andalucia in the past two years

Greenpeace Facing Tough Punishment In Valencia For Nuclear Plant Protest

The 16 activists and a photojournalist working for Agence France-Press, Pedro Armestre, face up to three years in jail for their part in a nuclear plant protest

Healthcare Cuts In Spain Three Times Higher Than European Average

However, Spain’s health spending level of 9.3% of GDP remains above the European average of 8.7%

Turtles Get ‘The Bends’ Because Of Commercial Fishing Practices

Spanish scientists have discovered the illness – known as ‘the bends’ – for the first time in loggerhead turtles

Canary Islands Oil Exploration Drilling Starts

Protesters turned out on the beaches of Fuerteventura against the Spanish government’s decision to allow fracking and oil exploration

Sierra Nevada National Park Added To Worldwide List Of Protected Reserves

It was chosen for its ability to balance its ‘fragile mountain ecosystem’ with a ‘rich and cultural heritage’ which combines to create ‘an envious tourism market’