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Rare Owl Saved By Paddle Surfer After Seagull Attack On Costa Del Sol

The royal owl, a protected species in Spain, fell from the sky after it was attacked by a large gang of seagulls

Three Iberian Lynxes Found Maimed And Riddled With Bullets

Seventeen people have been arrested in Sevilla for illegally hunting the world's most endangered feline species

Spain In European Court Over Environmental Neglect

The first case is for poor waste managementand the second concerns the planned rail link between Sevilla and Almeria

Smoking Linked To Alzheimer’s In World Health Organisation Study

The study concluded that smoking could be attributed not only to 14% of Alzheimer’s cases, but more shockingly, that nicotine may lead to dementia

Scientists In Spain Discover White Bread Is Good For You!

Researchers have found that white bread significantly boosts the number of ‘good’ microbes in the stomach, warding off disease and leading to better health

Blood Test Predicts Alzheimer’s With 87% Accuracy

The new blood tests search for the presence of ten proteins which degrade the brain and cause Alzheimer’s